Consult private archives under authorisation

Private archive’s consultation is possible only after registering as a SHD reader and after the creation of a personal account on the website.

You may then follow the instructions below :

    • If you wish to consult any private archives under authorisation, you must fill in a form. In order to do so, log in to your personal account.
    • Then, notify the form dedicated to the request for the consultation of private archives under authorisation. Warning, this form does not enable you to book a session in a reading room, neither does it allow you to request a duplication. Please go to the forms dedicated to these matters: Request a reservation and Request a duplication.

   • After being informed by the SHD, if applicable, authorisation requests are transmitted to the donors or to the applicants. The claimants are notified of the decision by postal mail or via their personal account. It is not possible to book any documents from private collections submitted to this agreement before receiving this decision. Warning, military career folders or accreditation of the services of the Resistance’s request (sub- serie GR 16 P) are not private archives. 
    • All incomplete or poorly filled forms will be refused and returned to the complainant. 

At the CAAPC, the search tools and the specific conditions are communicated to the reader on demand. Information and reservation requests are to be sent to the CAAPC by email or by postal mail. 

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Last modification on 31/01/2023